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As we reflect on the past twenty years, we are grateful to arrive at this unique period in time. Alternative facts, civil unrest, and the pandemic have brought us together as a society to say –no more. We can no longer kick the can of racism, gender inequality, or LQBTQIA+ discrimination to the next generation. We are no longer able to stand by and witness injustices. We can no longer look away.

We’ve realized that we can do better. It’s time to live to our nation’s promise: “…we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all humans are created equal.”

Let’s make things happen.

At Purple Group, we strive to do meaningful work. We’ve built bridges between our communities and clients; we’ve shared our perspective to engender a different point of view; we’ve addressed unconscious biases; and we’ve strived to represent the best from our communities while leveraging our differences to stimulate innovation.

We are an independent marketing communications and advertising agency with consulting roots. We are marketing for a better world in healthcare, housing, education, financial services, transportation, corporations, public health, social justice, nonprofits, and foundations. 


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