Chicago Department of Public Health.

Overcoming mistrust

The pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges, and the public health department was concerned about flu aggravating the situation even more. An educational campaign was needed to motivate individuals who usually do not get the flu shot to do so this year. The challenge: the medical establishment has a long history of mistreating Black and Latinos, which has caused these communities to distrust information. 

The first year, Purple Group created a straightforward campaign leveraging the cultural context of “being strong and self-reliant,” emphasizing how this year was different. The messaging alluded to an understanding and respect, i.e., we get why you may have chosen not to get the flu shot in previous years, but this year was different. During the second year of the pandemic, a visual approach was taken to leverage to break through the pandemic fatigue and avoid continuing to show people with masks: Flu and COVID – the combo you don’t want. The campaigns were fully integrated, including traditional, digital, social media, collateral and in-community signage. 

Overcoming mistrust
Overcoming mistrust
  • Intercepts for creative testing resulted in the unanimous selection of the Combo concept
  • OOH, radio, YouTube, paid digital + social and other materials in Spanish and English
  • Partner kits, content and collateral to support messaging in-community
  • High engagement across audiences
  • The first campaign generated over 60,000 clicks to the website, the second campaign resulted in over 100,000 clicks to the website